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My Congratulations to Wharton

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The Sour Grapes attitude of the Petition Gang towards the most respected entity on their campus. Credits: John Goodman, Philadephia Examiner. Click on image for full source article, where Ms. Loomba squirms on her own Top 1% Ivory Tower perch.

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Narayanan Komerath

“FOIL, Sabrang, Marxist and Beijing
When shall we three meet again?
In Resolution, Petition or to burn another train?”
-with apologies to Bill Shakespeare or his ghost writer.

So they got blindsided with this shrill Petition signed by 178 Professors led by Ania Joomba, Suvir Kaul and T. Ghose, threatening them with grave-sounding State Department bureaucratese from a 2005 SNAFU. They advised the students to be smart and let go on the rope a bit – and watch the Petition Gang tangle themselves in a heap. Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the new face of Indian politics that Wharton lined up at short notice, delivered the coup de grace with statesmanlike class[1]: “I am not a supporter of Mr Modi. In fact, I don’t agree with him on many things and have publicly opposed him on many occasions. However, I would like to put on record my dismay at the cancellation of his invitation to speak at this forum. To issue an invitation and then cancel it under pressure is not right. It is very wrong. It is unbecoming of an institution carrying the respected Wharton name… those who refused to listen to people they did not agree with lost an opportunity to learn and grow and the refusal to let him speak went against the very principles of free speech.”

What is the net result?

  1. The Petition Gang’s contempt for the 1st Amendment, and for Wharton students’ right to learn issues for themselves, came across loud and clear. University administrators need no reminding of the garbage that they have to tolerate every day from this gang – they apparently just decided to let people see it for themselves.
  2. The students got an excellent, dynamic speaker who puts life and limb on the line fighting corruption in India every day. He laid out in factual detail the rot, top-down. The best possible contrast with what Modi has done for Gujarat.
  3. Shri Narendra Modi was in no way inconvenienced – all this hype was about a SKYPE interview, not an actual intercontinental visit !
  4. Shri Modi spent the time addressing the Google Big Tent Activate Summit in New Delhi on how the Internet is changing India[2].
  5. Today’s students got a taste of what we experienced 10 years ago, and we got an opportunity to educate them on the history of the Petition Gang (PG). Signing Petitions with their pompous titles and abusing their workplace affiliations on extracurricular politics appears to be their specialty.
  6. I did a Google Search on “Modi Wharton” at 8 AM, March 24, EST. The top 5 links were:

a)    “Indian Americans protest against Wharton snub to Modi” (Times of India)

b)   “Nixing Narendra Modi’s Wharton invite was wrong: Arvind Kejriwal” (Economic Times and Times of India)

c)    “Why Wharton cancelled Narendra Modi’s invite” (TIME), citing “potential polarizing reactions from subsegments of the alumni base (read Commie-Pakis)…”

d)   “Modi’s Wharton talk scrapped after ‘furious’ petition” – Hindustan Times

e)    “Wharton caves to Muslim bigotry, Cancels Chief Minister Narendra Modi” (AtlasShrugs2000)

That completes the butt-kicking started by outraged Wharton faculty and other well-wishers.


The main sponsor of the event, Gautam Adnani, opted out of the event[3]. As did Atul Nishar, head of Hexaware Technologies[4]. And Mohandas Pai, head of Manipal Global[5]. And Suresh Prabhu, leader of the Shiv Sena[6]: “I think it is not only an insult of the Gujarat Chief Minister but of the entire country.. .I find this a ridiculous decision. Modi did not ask that he be invited. He is a democratically-elected leader, a three-term Chief Minister. Modi is not someone who has been foisted on somebody. He has been elected as representative of people in fairly conducted polls by the Election Commission. The university should be a place where divergent views are debated. Such a decision, that too by a varsity in the US, is unfathomable”.

Ron Somers of the US-India Business Council, keynote speaker[7]: “Cancellation of the invitation to Modi was a missed opportunity for the students of the prestigious business school… unfortunate and disrespectful… Such a ‘no holds barred’ dialogue between future business leaders and a leader of Chief Minister Modi’s capability and stature would have expanded the plane of hope and progress, on which the future rests. Do we stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Such questions asked and answered only advance democracy. …. Since when is an American University against free speech?”


Rajiv Malhotra[8] did his clinical dissection of the Wharton boo-boo, casting it as exactly the sort of neo-colonialist, racist double standards that Professor Loomba claims as her field of expertise.  That was when Loomba was still gloating. A far cry from today, no pun intended.

Wharton alumni and well-wishers with thinking and writing skills beyond those of the U. Penn English department, exercised those skills[9],[10]. Chidanand Rajghatta, who has been around a few times, concluded: “The loss is entirely Wharton’s[11]. Rishi Bhatuda, 2004 Wharton graduate, was blunt, pointing out that the PG had abused their authority  “by putting this petition out and aiming it at the student organized conference.”[12]

Several of the “signatories” of the Petition showed raw panic when an enterprising young reporter poked into a tip that Loomba’s petition was an “opt-out” petition: names of flunkies were added to it, and they had the option to “opt out”. Of course, what happened to a graduate student of the English Department after so “opting out” remains a matter of conjecture, given the Professor’s obvious regard for the 1st Amendment[13]. In their high dudgeon, their Freudian slip showed as loud as orange knickers:

In early March, several faculty, students and other concerned citizens began contacting colleagues and friends about WIEF’s invitation, using a Facebook page as our main space to inform and communicate with one another. Each of us affirmatively signed the petition either by posting a comment indicating our support on the page, or by sending an e-mail to the coordinators.”

I commend their honesty. The key is in the “either-or” construct. Which was it? In other words, they received an email telling them to agree (or else) and they said “Yes, Dear Leader!”  The actual posting of signatures was done by the Petition Coordinators at least in some cases, since these “students” were either too lazy or too incompetent to do so themselves. This is no doubt the way it was done in Elizabethan England (“off with his head!!) Leninist Russia, and Maoist China. It is only we peasants who do not let others sign our names on Petitions. The letter to The Daily Pennsylvanian by Chris Taylor, Divya Nair, Erica Zaveloff, Monica Bhagat-Kennedy and Nantina Vgontzas on being caught, is worth reading for the sheer entertainment:

“In our view, this is the true mark of ethical journalism: reports which understand the historical peculiarities of free speech and do not wield it without researching specificities of the issue in question. From its meaningless references to supposedly imperiled free speech rights of leaders of the ostensibly free world to its blatant reproduction of intimidating allegations, the DP, it seems, has yet to learn that lesson.”

The lucidity! The authoritative interpretation of the 1st Amendment! Reminds me of Clint Eastwood in that asteroid movie: “Maybe you ought to get your money back”. As best I could decipher it, their peeve is that just politely asking them if they really did sign the Petition, as the reporter did, is a Violation Of Their Free Speech!

Francisco Gil-White[14] in a beautifully reasoned article, shows very clearly why he was incompatible with U. Penn’s tenured liberal arts gang: he actually used his brain and wrote using facts and research, not gems like “meaningless references to supposedly imperiled free speech rights of leaders of the ostensibly free world”.


And so it stands today, March 24, 2013. Tell me, could you have designed a tamasha to make the University of Pennsylvania and its Marxist losers look any worse? Congratulations to the Wharton Business School Administration.

APPENDIX: Some Background about the Petition Gang

If you read this far, and you are a student, I applaud your attention span: you’ve left the 99% behind. If you stay with me a while longer, I will try to tell you a few things about the genesis and antics of these Guardians of Free Speech.

On the 22nd of November 2002, I returned early from lunch and saw a message: “Narayanan, what do you make of this report?”  A set of eight “American Professors” had orchestrated simultaneous global release of a “Comprehensive Report Resulting from Five Years of Meticulous Research[15] (funded by Teesta Setalvad’s Sabrang Communications Private Limited), “proving” that an Indian-American charitable organization, known for its zero overhead and efficient operations, was “a front of the BJP government” set up to channel funding to incite the 2002 riots in Gujarat. We had been using this fund to carefully build a long-term endowment to help the families of soldiers and policemen killed in the unending war against Pakistani terrorism.

An intense hour later, I reached the Conclusions of said Report for the 4th time. Unlike PhD theses in, say, Why Shakespeare Cast Shylock As a Wharton Mortgage Finance Professor, or The Pronouncements of Colonial Masters such as “Break Her Will and Bruise No Bone, Sir”[16], the theses and reports that I am used to reading, have to build on facts, analysis of evidence, and justify every conclusion with objectively considered evidence. So what “evidence” did the Report of these eight “Professors” cite?

The organization being slandered, was “anti-Muslim” because it sent $25,000 to the families of New York firefighters killed in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2011. The people responsible for perpetrating the disaster were Muslims, and the victims largely non-Muslim”. Q.E.D.

Damning evidence, I must admit, but mainly of what is between the ears of the mediots who had given space in their publications for this garbage and wasted my time. But I was naïve. Unlike in engineering, where pointing out that something was a Perpetual Motion Machine, or violated simple arithmetic, would shame the editor into withdrawing the report, the noise just kept on amplifying. The difference in standards of evidence needed to leap to conclusions is starkly illustrated by this gem from Kamala Visweswaran, who “teaches history at the University of Texas”[17]: “As faculty who work on South Asia or as South Asian faculty who care about what’s happening in terms of development in India, we’ve read the report, we agree with what the report documents, and feel that the conclusions are sound.”

That’s how the con is played. Claim Faculty-ness, even if it means usurping false credentials. Use objective-sounding words claiming to have read, thought, analyzed and understood the contents. Endorse the conclusions as “sound” when they are less than “noise”.  That afternoon, I had to make a snap decision: run away and leave a 70+ year old economist and his gentle wife, who had devoted their lives to helping the poorest in India to uplift themselves, to the tender mercies of a vicious gang, or do what little I could to expose said gang’s antics. Weeks later, someone with a lot more experience than I pulled me aside and warned me:

“Narayanan, you don’t know the Communists. It does no good to prove to them that they are lying: they have known that all their lives. They will simply go into hiding, and come back repeating the same lies again, when they think people have forgotten.”


So what about the Gujarat riots of 2002?  Wasn’t Modi (ir)responsible?


I wasn’t there, and I wasn’t part of the planning, so I don’t know for sure what happened. Bear that in mind: neither does anyone else, unless one of those conditions holds: if they claim to do so, call the police! There is no statute of limitations for murder. But I can state some facts and reason out the rest: You have to take into account the full situation.

  1. On January 26, 2001, Gujarat experienced a Magnitude 7.7 earthquake for two minutes. 19,927 died, 166,000 were injured. 40% of homes in Bhuj collapsed, 90% in Kutch[18]. Hones, businesses, roads, hospitals, ports, railways, bridges, power and phone lines and military bases were very heavily damaged. Obviously, a year later, stress levels among the people were quite high, and the communications and transport remained quite difficult, especially to the rural areas.
  2. After September 11, 2001 the US forced Pakistan, on pain of being “bombed back into the Stone Age” to subordinate its air and naval space and resources to American command. Protests obviously orchestrated by the Musharraf regime whipped up Jehad frenzy all over Pakistan, and tens of thousands sold family jewelry to travel in trucks to Afghanistan to “kill Americans”. By November 1 the NATO bombing of Afghanistan had started in earnest.  By January 2002 over 100,000 Pakistanis were dead. Those jehadis who escaped the bombing and the “container express” convoys, were robbed by their brethren as they returned via the friendly Khyber Pass.
  3. On October 1, 2001, Pakistanis attacked the Kashmir Assembly, killing 38 with two bombs[19]. On December 13, they attacked the Indian Parliament building. Constable Kamlesh Kumari spotted the terrorists’ bomb-loaded car and ran to close the gate, saving Parliament, but died under 11 bullets in the effort. All 5 terrorists were killed outside the building, but 7 policemen and women died defending it, and 18 were wounded. For reference, the only execution, that of the plotter Afzal Guru, was on February 9, 2013, a decade later. Several of those arrested were acquitted – a reality of the Indian justice system, where ill-equipped, antiquated procedures ensure a dismal conviction rate.
  4. The repeated attacks brought India close to war. Strike forces were deployed beyond the westernmost rail and road bridges by the end of February. War was imminent.
  5. These events made the restive population of border states such as Gujarat even more restive. The town of Godhra has a long history of violent Islamist extremism: a school teacher was beaten to death on India’s Independence Day for raising the Indian Tricolor instead of the Pakistani flag!
  6. Meanwhile, back in the USA, in October 2001, an Indian-origin English professor and trustee of the Oberlin Foundation at Oberlin College, Ohio, announced a conference for mid-March 2002, to focus on “Citing Secularism in India”. Said Foundation had come back into favor with the PRC government in the late 1990s after being out of favor since the Boxer Rebellion. Now they had plenty of money. In early January 2002, the Forum of Indian Leftists (FOIL) woke up their “Ghadar” magazine after several years of dormancy and announced a rush to get prepared, because they were going to Set Off a Bang That Would Be Heard Around The World, or something to that effect.
  7. In the last week of February 2002, the Sabarmati Express, regularly scheduled Indian Railways sleeper train, had among its passengers, many returning from a pilgrimage to Ayodhya (note: I have never seen a religion-wise breakup of the passenger manifest in the sleeper coaches – have you? It included at least one Muslim: the wife of the Godhra Station Master who got on at Godhra) Now I quote from Nicole Elfi’s recounting of the facts, that matches my own readings of the first reports of that time[20]:

 “    At 7:43 A.M. on February 27th, 2002, the Sabarmati Express rolled into the Godhra station, ..with a four-hour delay, in broad daylight. ..As it pulled out of the station, the train was pelted with stones and bricks, and passengers from several bogeys were forced to bring down their windows to protect themselves. Someone pulled the emergency chain: the train came to a halt about 100 metres away from the platform, surrounded by a large crowd of Muslims. The railway police managed to disperse the crowd, and the train resumed its journey. Within minutes, the emergency chain was simultaneously pulled again, from several coaches. It halted at about 700 metres from the station. A crowd of over 1,000 surrounded the train, pelting it with bricks, stones, then burning missiles and acid bulbs, especially on the S-5, S-6 and S-7 coaches. The vacuum pipe between coaches S-6 and S-7 was cut, thereby preventing any further movement of the train. The doors were locked from outside. A fire started in coach S-7, which the passengers were able to extinguish. But the attack intensified and coach S-6 caught fire and minutes later, was in flames. Passengers who managed to get out of the burning compartment were attacked with sharp weapons, and stoned. They received serious injuries, some were killed. Others got out through the windows and took shelter below the coach. Fifty eight pilgrims were burned alive, including twenty-seven women and ten children. The whole attack lasted 20-25 minutes. What transpired then, in the Indian press? Let’s imagine a coach of French pilgrims coming back from Lourdes, burned alive. Strangely, instead of clearly, straightforwardly condemning the act, the Indian English-language press tried to justify it: “Pilgrims provoked by chanting pro-Hindu slogans” (they were not slogans but bhajans, or devotional songs, ending with “Jai Sri Ram” (Victory to Sri Rama). “It’s because they were returning from Ayodhya, where they asked for the reconstruction of a temple at the traditional birth place of Rama; this offends the feelings of the Muslims.” In sum, the victims, roasted alive, were guilty”.

8. The mob (Elfi says it was led by a Muslim political leader of the Congress Party) was reported to have obstructed fire engines and other rescuers that rushed to the scene.  They watched as 58 humans, mostly women and children, burned to death in that steel cage.

9. Reports IMMEDIATELY following an incident are usually the most accurate: there is not enough time to distort, and the distorter does not have enough facts to do a good job of distorting. In the immediate aftermath, it was reported that police had arrested the villains who purchased several cans of fuel from a local petrol station. That they had organized the attack on the train long since.

10. Later, a story emerged how a Muslim girl had been abducted into the train. So they responded by barring and burning it, instead of getting everyone out? Railways staff dismissed all accounts of such altercations or kidnappings. Elfi says that an Islamic terrorist gang was the origin of that inflammatory rumor.

11.  Another version preferred by a PG member from the U. Chicago, claims that “a tragic accident, caused by combustion from cookstoves carried on by the passengers and stored under the seats of the train”[21] was what really happened – presumably she was there along with the friendly Godhra mob of U. Chicago graduates on the outside, trying their best not to let the carbon escape into the atmosphere by keeping the doors barred.

12. Yet another claims that there was an altercation on the platform – and that the stoning of the train one kilometer from the station was a result of that. Think about that: 7AM on a winter morning. An altercation somewhere during the 8 minutes that the train stopped. What did they use – a time machine? GPS-based coordination? To gather a mob of enough murderous yahoos to stone the train by the time it stopped a kilometer from the station? How many of these yahoos would agree to get out of bed at that hour, let alone reach a given point? Inside the 4 minutes that we can assign as mustering time, how far can one travel – at 4 kilometers per hour, stopping to pick up petrol?

13. I watched that story flash over CNN, from the breakfast room of a hotel in Dallas. Predictably, the racists had a caption guaranteed to inflame: “58 Hindoo Activists Burned to Death on Indian Train”.  If the face doing the reporting felt an iota of human emotion at the horror visited on 58 innocents, it hid it well. But it wasn’t their “fault”: that was the report that went out over the wires of BBC, AP, AFP and most horribly, PTI. I remembered reading in “BLITZ (Free, Frank, Fearless, First)” about the Ahmedabad riots of 1969 – or was it ‘70? I knew with all certainty that there was absolutely no hope of preventing further violence. In 1992, following the demolition of the Babri Masjid eyesore (later verified to be an illegal structure with no religious significance except to celebrate mass rape, mutilation, murder, looting and enslavement of a peaceful community of craftspeople and traders by the ancestors of the Pakistani Taliban), riots broke out all over India, although every state government had ample warning in the lead-up to that. More people died in those riots than died in Gujarat 2002. The Central Government was run by the Congress Party. The same who ran Gujarat during the month-long riots of 1969. And the one before that, and before that. There was no hope.

14. A curfew was imposed, in Godhra, Ahmedabad, and all towns of Gujarat, but imposing and enforcing are two different things. Some statistics are in order[22]. In the USA, there are only 256 police officers per 100,000 people, but the population density is 34/sq.km. The UK has 307 per 100,000, with a population density of 260/sq.km, India has 130 with a density of 382/sq.km.  You can work out what this implies, factoring in the difference between the equipment and mobility levels (cars per officer, for instance) the ability to project force rapidly into narrow alleys filled with raging mobs, etc. etc. Remember the state of the infrastructure after the earthquake just a year prior, and the reality of that in the rural areas. Nothing short of a helicopter-borne force would have reaching anywhere in less than a day.

15. There is no dispute that the Modi government requested external help immediately, and asked to escalate to the Army level, from the state police or Central Armed Reserve Police levels. This in fact beat the heck out of the hesitant response of many Indian Chief Ministers to deteriorating law and order in comparable situations. But given the realities of a nation facing imminent war, and restive populations all over India, no state wanted to let go of its own police forces, and the Army was heavily concentrated with all their equipment in battle formation, beyond the last rail bridges. A sudden withdrawal might provide an opening for a devastating enemy attack, and it had to be assumed that the train attack was an enemy ploy.

16. I too WISH the “government” could have acted much quicker to protect every innocent human in Gujarat. What would the US government have done, had a train full of innocents been burned? In days when that happened, I think they just sent the Cavalry to massacre every member of the tribe in question. “They” might have sent supersonic fighter-bombers and attack helicopters to wipe out that entire mob in Godhra before they could set fire to that train bogey with all those babies inside, as the NATO forces did to the Pakistanis ranged along the Shomali Plain. And machine-gunned the mobs in Godhra obstructing the ambulances and fire trucks. Had these happened, the Gujarat riots of March 2002 would never have happened, would they? Those sleeping babies would have wakened to a clear March morning. But I don’t hear Loomba agitating for that. Surprised? We’ve been over these things a thousand times. There have been numerous investigations, inquiry commissions, reports. Facts and reason don’t bother the Commies. My friend was so right!

17.  All said and done, I too agree that the pea-brains in Godhra probably did not have the mental clarity to actually plan that attack. That’s what puzzled the various inquiry commissions. But think back – why did the FOIL know that they had to wake up in January, to be ready for the Big Bang that they were going to create, that would be heard around the world? What was that Big Bang?

18. In mid-March 2002, Oberlin College held the Siting Secularism in India Summit, funded by the Oberlin Shansi Foundation through organizer, English Professor Anuradha Needham.  One wonders why Secularism needed to be sited in India by the PRC or Oberlin College English Professors, but that’s just ignorant One wondering. Much more wondrous is that there is (and was) no evidence of any Proceedings being published, or papers being presented. A 2006 book edited by Ms. Needham cites essays prepared later by some of her collaborators, but specifically declares that it is NOT the Proceedings of the conference, without citing the existence of any such Proceedings.  The only product was the Oberlin Resolution, condemning the Government of India for its genocide against Minorities and widely splattered all over the Internet and the FOIL’s media outlets. Signed by a bevy of communists and Islamists (who else knows about secularism other than those who practise it in the own countries they admire?) from UK, France, the USA, India, and perhaps other countries. Remember the international air travel environment in early 2002? These people had no trouble traveling to this conference across the world. It was clearly something planned well in advance. And, surprise, surprise! When I checked just now, the Oberlin Resolution/Declaration of 2002 has completely disappeared from the Internet!  Wonder why…….

A long story, over a decade ago. I hoped that I could leave all that behind and move on. India did not break up in 1999 despite the efforts of Musharraf and his terrorist gangs, and the maps published by Teesta Setalvad’s Sabrang Communications, showing most of north India as part of the Pakistani Khaliphate. The State of Gujarat voted massively for Shri Narendra Modi’s government in December 2002. And then again in 2007 in elections watched by hawk-eyed appointees of the Central Government. And again in 2012. Gujarati work ethic and enterprise had been allowed to flourish for the first time in decades, maybe centuries, and had put Gujarat far ahead of the other states in India in their reputation for professionalism. The Communists and their media cohorts and Faculty Endorsers had been laughed off, and the net effect of their vicious campaign was a 10-fold rise in awareness and enthusiasm for efficient Indian-American charitable fundraising for real development inside a decade. Finally we had good alternatives to the weeping-child sob stories of the western conversion-oriented scams with their 95% Administrative Overhead.

But- the PG just keep coming back, totally immune to facts. The latest in this long history is the Wharton Petition. I will just list a few facts:

1. I checked. Professor Loomba is actually a Professor. Not an Assistant, Associate or Wannabe as all of the “Professors” who co-authored the Sabrang Report were. Congratulations to the FOIL[23]. So these are people who are definitely in the Top 1 or 2 percent of America. Nothing against that, I am happy for them. I wish they stop bullying undergrads.

2. The main theme in the Petition (I am ignoring the “explanations” and “justifications” because they are worse) is that Mr. Modi was not given a visa to come to the US for a hotelier convention several years ago, and that the US government gave a convoluted, touch-nowhere statement wrapped in legalese to explain that stupid SNAFU. While associated with a lot of FOIL noise, that idiocy was actually driven by the right-wing Baptist fundamentalists who dominated the laughably-titled “US Council for International Religious Freedom”. If you read the language in Ms. Loomba’s petition, you will note “denial of religious freedom” as the reason given by the US State Department. Are Muslims in ANY part of India are “denied religious freedom”? That statement is, instead the frustration of the US extremist Protestant conversion businesses at being foiled in their (using visa fraud)[24] invasion of the protected tribal areas of India, where they indulged in often forced, usually corrupt, “conversion”, using massive infusions of cash.

Some background. “Civilized” and “post-modern” nations such as the USA, Canada and Australia, “integrated” their aborigine inhabitants by the simple stratagem of mass murder, rape and slavery, decimating them. The remnants were force-marched hundreds of miles as in the Oklahoma Trail of Tears[25] (reaching from northwest Carolinas to Oklahoma, for instance) into mostly-barren “reservations” where unemployment, hopelessness, drink and drugs killed them off even faster.  In western Canada[26], tribal Chiefs even today shudder at the mention of school teachers, because they are associated with the captivity, forced conversion, physical and sexual abuse that was imposed on them as children in the name of Jesus Christ. Some enlightenment has begun to dawn in Canada, even before westerners began to realize that the Divinity Schools that trained those abusers also trained the clergy who dealt with mainstream Christians, and that there is a massive undercurrent of abuse history coming up[27],[28] everywhere the Church’s cover-up shield is penetrated (no pun intended). In Australia, there is hardly anyone left to complain.

In India, at least after Independence, strict rules were put in to protect the right of the Scheduled Tribes to live their own lives. Other Indian citizens are prohibited from buying property in the tribal areas, and the tribes enjoy a great deal of autonomy. That is, if the laws are observed. What happens when hundreds of millions of American dollars are poured in? The same as what happens to laws anywhere else. This is the problem with the Conversionist flood in India.  They have had free rein to violate the law with impunity in several states, such as Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Orissa and Chattisgarh. Look how precarious is the situation in northeast India, especially in regards to the rights of the Hindus and Buddhists, and you will begin to understand the problem. The Bangladeshi Muslims get all the bad press, but they don’t even come close in destructiveness to this gang.

In Gujarat, grassroots education reached the poor tribals through, for instance, the Ekal Vidyalaya Movement that reached deep into the forests of the Dangs region. The tribals began to understand and react with understandable outrage at the evil con that was turning them into drunken slaves to a foreign cartel known in other forms for its institutionalized history of oppression, torture, Inquisition[29],[30] and child sexual abuse. The government, unlike in the “bought-out” states, did not allow its law enforcement to be lopsided in favor of the foreign cartels, and helped the tribals to retain their traditions and indigenous religions. In 2003, Gujarat under Chief Minister Modi, banned “conversions through force or bribes”[31]. This of course damaged the business models of the conversionist cartel, and infuriated them[32]. They moved the USCIRF, which they dominated under the NeoCon Republican Administration, to “punish” Gujarat.

So, with all due respect to the Professor(s), they are as far as anyone can be from being Protectors of Minority Muslims. They are, in effect (I cannot comment on intent!) camp followers for the American Religious Fundamentalist Right Wing. A.k.a. T-Party. NRA. Bible-thumpers. “Crusaders” as the Jihad would call them. Those whose activities routinely oppress Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Jain and Buddhist children in school, bullying them with textbook declaration such as “turn around and look at your classmates: which one has a tail like the Hindoo God Hanooman?” Or “Ganesa’s mother.. Offers the prize of a mango to which of her sons can go around the world first. Ganesa wins by circumambulating her and eats the fruit and then gets beheaded. …. The mango is a vaginal symbol. Hence Ganesa’s eating the fruit is an act of incestuous possession of the mother for which he is punished by beheading, symbol of castration, and his celibacy is his punishment for acting out his incestuous desires”[33]. Sorry to have to lay it out, but that is my objective conclusion based on the facts. I am too stupid to see any alternative, absolutely no malice intended.

3. Thirdly, Professor Loomba’s masterpiece takes a very interesting position. The authority she claims for her entire pique is the statement made by the US State Department. In her version of logic, the fact that the State Department said this 8 years ago, completely negates all the other evidence and the possibility that wisdom may have prevailed since:

  1. The fact that many rioters have (deservedly) been sentenced to life or other long terms of hard labor after the due process of trials in the Indian justice system. The time scale for this is no longer or shorter than that for other violent crimes: note that the appeals of the 1993 Mumbai terrorist blast convicts were decided just two days ago- over 19 years later[34].
  2. The “other side” has had amazingly, some would say suspiciously, free access to the Supreme Court of India every step of the way, and yet the most sensational trials completely collapsed. For example, in the Best Bakery trial, the prime prosecution witness, Ms. Zaheera Shaikh[35], the 19-year-old Muslim survivor, testified under oath that Human Rights Non-Governmental Organization activists (Ms. Teesta Setalvad of Sabrang infamy was prominently mentioned) got her to sign an affidavit in English that she could not read, that said activists falsely imprisoned and threatened her, etc. The Court apparently suffered cognitive dissonance and sent the victim Ms. Shaikh to jail (!!!!) while doing little to investigate Ms. Setalvad. This is quite coincidental I am sure, but in other countries it is grounds for judges recusing themselves when she is the daughter of a prominent Indian jurist and an NGO colleague of the daughter of a Supreme Court judge. Years later, Ms. Setalwad’s close buddy Mr. Raiz Khan Aziz Khan Pathan (that’s a Muslim name, though I won’t presume anyone’s religious affiliation) went public, corroborating and amplifying on Ms. Shaikh’s complaints[36]. Ms. Setalvad still walks free – a point to note for anyone claiming that Indian judicial inaction has anything to do with Gujarat’s Chief Minister’s wishes. In India, posting false maps, specifically showing parts of India as being part of Pakistan, has long been a “non-bailable offense”. Ms. Setalvad posted for many years, with impunity, the aforesaid “Aman.gif” – and calls for legal action went completely ignored[37].
  3. c. The voters of Gujarat have TWICE re-elected Mr. Modi back to power since that stupid visa denial. Special teams appointed by India’s famously independent Elections Commission watched the elections like hawks – Modi still won handily.
  4. A Special Investigative Team picked by and reporting only to the Supreme Court of India specifically investigated the charge that Mr. Modi failed in his duty to do everything possible to stop the riots. They cleared Mr. Modi[38].

Against this preponderence of objective evidence Ms. Loomba bases her Petition solely on the statement of the State Department, made in a different time under very different pressures. So, by definition, Ms. Loomba also accepts at face value all other statements made by the State Department and US government in general.

  • Like the one used to bomb, destroy and invade Afghanistan, a desperately poor country used as a doormat by the terrorists from Pakistan. Instead of bombing (duh!) Pakistan.
  • Like the one used to declare war on Iraq in 2003[39].
  • Her support for the Occupy Philadelphia[40],[41],[42] movement in 2010 to protest the shooting of an “Iraq veteran” must be viewed in the harsh light of the above: she is apparently one of those who, against all evidence to the contrary, continue to support the State Department’s finding that led to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the horrible, unending, needless killing and maiming of American, Afghan and Iraqi people all these years. Not to mention the Indian children who continue to be orphaned by the terrorists sent by the genocidal Pakistan Army even today – you know, those kids that I tried to help starting in 1999.

No surprise there. Her ilk also tried to cut off sustenance to the destitute leprosy patients of the Kushta Nivaran Sangh[43], (“Leprosy Alleviation Association”), Vatsalya Trust[44], (Vatlsalya means “Affection”, a commodity in dire need if one is an orphan, not a Top 1% American), “Krishi Prayog Parivar”[45] (Agriculture Techniques Society) and about 209 other organizations. They tried to con illiterate Americans (and Indians) with the notion that each such non-English name meant a “Hinduization” purpose. In other words, they cynically, cruelly, mercilessly, tried their level best, lolling in their cozy English Department Ivory Towers in schools that run on fees from the richest brats in America, to cut off sustenance to destitute leprosy patients, orphans, subsistence farmers. Read Arvind Kejriwal’s statement on the trials and tribulations faced by small farmers in rural India[46]. I could go on, 212 organizations worth that I pored over until I needed glasses, back in 2002, trying to see if they had any grounds for their allegations. But Providence intervened. Their pompous Spokesperson, I’ll call him Humble Red, that’s half true and I don’t want people to think he’s “Hinduized” on account of having a Hindi name, stepped on his own Little Cheney, to put it elegantly. He found himself trying to defend his declaration that the Meeraj Medical Center was a “Hinduization” scam, even after we showed him that it is an agency of the Presbyterian Church of North America.

That’s not all that Ms. Loomba’s friends have achieved. In 2007, their Youth Solidarity Summer camp (modeled on the Soviet Young Pioneer arrogance with a Woodstock work ethic and Maoist Red Guard mental standards) put out another Report and called a Press Conference, attacking students such as those at Wharton who spend their time studying and excelling. Providence laughed again[47], and did to the YSS Summer camp what Hurricane Sandy did to all those other rodents in New York in 2012. No one even noticed.

They also became “Kashmir Researchers”[48], and hosted several “Kashmir Forums”[49]. By 2010, the FBI revealed that they had also read the same Pakistani papers as I had – and arrested the funding source of the Kashmir Forums, Ghulam Nabi Fai, as an illegal Pakistani ISI agent. He is now serving 2 years in Federal prison[50].  Per the prosecutor a Petition was submitted there too in support of Fai, with 53 signatures. Unlike the Wharton Administration, Hizzoner understood the term “due diligence” and checked into the concealed ISI connections of many of the signors of the Petition. Quite coincidentally, within 2 days of the indictment against Fai being published, the California Institute of Integral Studies suspended, and later dismissed[51], tenured Professors Angana Chatterji and her former thesis advisor, then husband and department chair Robert Shapiro. The Institute’s faculty hearing panel cited “reckless violation of established legal rights of students to confidentiality and “non-harassment; reckless violation of professional ethics of (CIIS) or students, faculty or administrators; dishonesty, including misappropriation of funds; and persistent failure to perform position-related assignments or other neglect of academic duties”, going on to express “shock at the climate of fear and intimidation” in the program run by Chatterji. CIIS steadfastly refused to acknowledge any connection to their Kashmir activities. Observers noted that the items cited by the panel had been known for a decade with no sign of concern from CIIS, while the only new item was the revelation that a major funding source may have dried up.

And so it goes on. This whole new SNAFU has cost UPenn and Wharton a lot of negative publicity and cast them as ignorant bigots, Namak-Haraams (check the Hindi/Urdu translation on Google if you wish) or both, but for Loomba’s gang, any publicity is good, it is Name Recognition. I pity those students trapped in the English and Social Works departments, panicked as the news media probe and offer anonymity …

Finally, why do you need approval from some Authority to set up a Google Group video conference with anyone you please, anywhere in the world – unless you are using University meeting facilities? If you are on your computers or notePads or SmartPhones, you don’t need to depend on the mercies of college bureaucrats, you can do this anywhere at all. The First Amendment gives you certain rights, but sometimes you have to fight for your rights to prevent them being taken away by pompous dictators.

Satyam Eva Jayate. In American, that means, “And The Truth Shall Prevail”.

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